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November 2017
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0 Comments Zoretta Hopkins
Posted by lynn brown on November 19, 2017 at 12:07 AM

"...I always sang as a toddler, once I figured out how to do it. It would rise and flow from a place unknown to me at the time. Now in my life, I know where my life's melody comes from. It hails from the grace of God at the throne of God from the mercy of God. Truly I can say it is a gift that I use to especially bless others. I would be remiss if I did not own up to it being a blessing to me. My desire is to be a blessing in song to the point that, if someone is bound, they can be set free while I am singing…


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0 Comments The Crusaders
Posted by lynn brown on November 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Crusaders is a traditional African American male gospel group originally from Miami, Florida. They were formed in 1980, known as The Gospel Crusaders. The most recent group comprised of Marvin Jones, Jeffery Jones, Christopher Jones, Claster Jones Jr, David Jones Sr, and two nephews, Nathan Troutman, and Randy Johnson Jr.


The Crusaders lived in a house filled with music and love. Their musical upbringing was first structured in the home and branched into family church. Each developed their talents while, playing instruments, leading praise and worship, and writing their own music. The different styles of music, as well as a strong presence in the church, helped to shape the Crusaders as a group over and above while preparing them for such a time as this!


Their spiritual expansion can be traced to the guidance of their parents, Claster Jones Sr. and the Late Lille Bell Jones. A family of eleven brothers and five sisters, all raised in a Pentecostal church. The Late Overseer Lillie Bell Jones, their mother, prophesied that they would go before the nation singing God’s praises. Their music is a blend of old-school and contemporary gospel. They were inspired by groups like Willie Neal and The Gospel Keynotes, Mighty Clouds of Joy to name a few.


In January 2016, they released their first single, Thank You Lord, written and composed by Marvin and Jeffery Jones. A year later, 2017, they’ve released a brand-new single called, Call on Jesus, once again written and composed by Jeffery and Marvin Jones. The brilliant collaboration of brothers and nephews coming together to make beautiful music is only a portion of the vision their late mother and grandmother saw before she passed.


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